Enjoy the journey

✅ Use your Active Kids vouchers

If you are based in NSW, you can now use your NSW government Active Kids vouchers in our Kick Start beginners program!  Then continue to use them throughout your continued training (as long as they are within the expiry date).

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✅ Training in a COVID Safe way

We have implemented the following measures to keep our members COVID safe:

  • Service NSW QR code check in required
  • temperature checks before class
  • hand sanitiser readily available
  • social distancing when not doing contact drills
  • members to follow the current NSW gov health guidance and rules
  • limited use of shared equipment, which is wiped down after every use
  • members to bring their own personal equipment

Discover the benefits of training Shotokan Karate

Develop your child's self-discipline, confidence and more

We could write a lengthy shopping list of all the benefits training in karate can offer your child, but that means nothing to you if you've never experienced it for yourself, or only for a brief period of time.

The benefits of training in Shotokan Karate for kids and teens are realised over time, in every day life.  Some observations below from current and previous members/parents;

  • improved performance in school and other sports through applying improved hand-eye coordination, and better mental focus.
  • confidence in public speaking at school (and later in life) - through group activities, and learning how to lead class warm ups and help younger members.
  • gained leadership skills and a sense of responsibility which proved favourable in getting a promotion in their first job.
  • developing resilience - being beaten in a competition has made them train harder to do better.

It's not too late to start - find your zen and get a fun stress-busting workout.

"Am I too old to start?"  "I'm not fit enough".

Generally no, it's not too late just because you are an adult. (pre-existing injuries/conditions may require a dr's certificate). The fitness will come as you do more classes, as with most skills - the more you do it, the better you get.

The benefits of training in karate as an adult is realised over time, in every day life. Some observations below from current and past members;

  • get more done as you have more energy
  • manage life stress through mindful training 
  • improved relationships with their kids - sharing an activity and practice together at home.
  • valued friendships with like-minded people - after a long time training together, it's more about the coffee after training. ☕️

Individualised training in a supportive group setting

Every member gets one-on-one instruction during the class which means you get personalised tips and instruction on improving your technique.

Our classes are always capped to keep social distancing and to enhance the learning experience whilst having that valuable team support.

Feeling lost in a big beginners class? Try our small group Kick Start beginners classes

Our focused beginners classes are specially designed for a small group to give you more one-on-one instruction time so you can feel confident learning the technical skills and have fun in the process.

Perfect refresher if you're returning from an extended break.

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